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Last Week
Slim Thug - Give It Up To The City
Cash Money Millionaires - Baller Blockin'
Big Moe - Maan
HSE - Ballaz N G'z
Lil Keke - Fo Sure
Swisha House- Playa Made
IBG - Live With It
Big Boom - Mr. Playa Hata
HAWK - Somebody Say Oh Yea
Papa Reu - Lookin' Good
Hot Pick
Botany Boyz - Drop It N Da Sunny

New Audio

Big Moe-Barre Baby
H.A.W.K. Feat. Lil Keke, Mike D And Big Pokey-Down N H-Town (Remix)
Throwed Yung Playaz-Bad Ass
Big Boom Feat. Pimp C And Big Moe-Mr. Playa Hata
Concentration Camp III-Aint Bout No Trouble
Wreckshop Family-Ball Caps And Tennis Shoes
E.S.G. Feat. Ronnie Spencer-Get Your Grind On
X Mob Feat. Pimp C-GoodTimes
Chop Shop Boys-Money Over Bitches
H.A.W.K. Feat. Will Lean And D-Gotti-Do You Luv It
Big Moe Feat. Big Pokey And E.S.G.-Maan
Big Snap Feat. Slim Thug-No Trick
E.S.G.-Life Of ESG
Fat Pat Feat. HAWK-Dreamz
Lil O Feat. HAWK, 3-2, And Big Moe-Playaz Get Chose
Mobb Figgaz-Jam Down
Woss Ness Feat. SouthPark Mexican And HAWK-Nigga Who Dat
C-Murder Feat. Master P-They Dont Really Know You
Swisha House-Northside

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Low Life Productions: 100 Full Albums, 300 Singles, Tons of Hot Girls And More

No Plex: Full CD Audio, Free Name@NoPlex.Com Email, Message Board, & More!

Cash Money Ballaz: Audio,Pics,Break Beats,E-Mail, And More

Houston Underground: Audio and News bout Rap-A-Lot, Wreckshop, Dj Screw, E.S.G, Dope House, S.P.M., Street Military, Z-ro and many more...

Exquisite Ebony Women: No, these ladies are not the super models that ya see so much of on the web . There're the real deal!

Featured Albums

H.A.W.K. - Under Hawks Wings :
Finally The Long Awaited Album From Long Time S.U.C. Member, And The Late Fat Pat's Older Brother, This Album Really Goes Off, H.A.W.K. Has Lyrics That Could Rip Your Chest Apart, It Also Features Nearly The Whole Screwed Up Click, Pick This Up Right Away

Listen To Somebody Say Oh Yea

H.A.W.K. - Under Hawks Wings

E.S.G. - City Under Seige :
This Is The 5th Release From The H-Town Rap Game Veteran, And This Album Captures The Everyday Street Gangsta At His Best So Far, It Features His Wreckshop Label Mates And Others, This Is Another Must Pick Up

Listen To Grippin' Grain

E.S.G. - City Under Seige

Papa Rue - X Cuse Me :
This Is The Debut From The One Who Everybody Thought Was On Cash Money, Papa Rue, This Is A Great Album, Simply Because Papa Rue Style Is Unique, And His Beats Are On Target, Pick This One Up

Listen To Lookin' Good

Papa Rue - X Cuse Me

Geto Starz - Ball Til You Fall :
Here's The Debut From The New Group The Geto Starz, Dubbed Ball Til You Fall, This Is Another Good Album, All Members Come With Great Lyrics To Put Together A Solid Debut Release, Check This One Out

Listen To Bout That Paper

Geto Starz -  Ball Til You Fall

Ace Deuce - Southern Gutta Butta :
They're Back With Another One, The H-Town Rap Vets Who Been On The Scene For Years, Done Dropped Another One Pick This One Up, H-Town Is Blowin Up

Listen To Grippin' Graine

Ace Duece - Southern Gutta Butta

Big Moe - City Of Syrup :
The Latest From The Wreckshop Boys, And This One Is Big Moe, A Long Time Screwed Up Click Member, You've Probably Herd Him Singin'/Rappin On Other S.U.C. Related Albums, This Album Was Not Like I Expected It To Be, The Whole Album Jams, Man Wreckshop Over Did It With This One Enough Said

Listen To City Of Syrup

Big Moe - City Of Syrup

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Member Of Mr. Blunt's Hip Hop Banner Exchange!

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